Interaktiivinen Tekniikka Koulutuksessa -konferenssi 2019

  • Hietala Iida, Leinonen Teemu

ITK Doctoral Consortium


ITK Doctoral Consortium provides an opportunity for current doctoral candidates to present their project in a safe, friendly and stimulating environment. The candidates will receive formative feedback from a group of distinguished researchers and their peers.

The ITK Doctoral Consortium has the following four objectives:

    Provide time and space where doctoral candidates can present their research and meet other candidates;
    Provide feedback and perspectives on candidates research from senior researchers and other candidates outside their home institution;
    Promote a national network of supportive scholars and collaboration over institutional borders;
    Provide a platform for future postdocs to meet with their potential future colleagues.

We invite doctoral candidates whose research is in the fields of​ learning environments, technology-enhanced teaching and learning, educational technology and ​media education to apply for this opportunity. We aim to have candidates that are in different stages in their research to build meaningful zones of proximal development for all. The participating candidates, however, are expected to have a clear topic and research approach. For instance, the Doctoral Consortium is a good forum to present research on which the candidate is at present writing an article. ​The participation is free of charge.

A selected number of participating doctoral candidates will be invited to submit a full paper to an academic publication forum (JuFo 1). Your submission and presentation can be in English, Finnish or Swedish.

Important Dates

    7.1. - 4.2.2019 Doctoral Consortium application time. Submission closes at 23:59.
    28.2.2019 Doctoral Consortium participant notifications
    20.3.2019 ITK Doctoral Consortium

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Hietala Iida



Leinonen Teemu





  • 09:30-10:00 Welcome to ITK Doctoral Consortium

  • 10:00-12:30 Session 1

    • Group 1: Learning environments (ENG)

      • Digital game-based learning in emergency contexts / Pynnönen

      • Emergent leadership in student-led collaborative activity in a school-based makerspace / Korhonen

      • Participatory Governance and Smart Urban Communities / Cherednychenko

      • Sixth graders integrating information from multiple texts: Role of main idea identification and effort / Kullberg

      • Connected Learning in Glocal Learning Networks / Nissinen

    • Group 2: Technology-enhanced teaching and learning (ENG)

      • How to support university students’ study engagement with learning analytics? / Silvola

      • Designing a behaviors correction paradigm in natural disasters based on virtual reality / Ranjbar

      • Theory into Practice: Applying Deliberate Practice and Growth Mindset in Mathematics Classrooms / Phuong

      • Culture Coding - a framework for unconventional thinking in design for technology / Pejoska

    • Group 3: Educational technology (FIN+ENG)

      • Lower secondary students' improving their poetry writing by using poetic features and structures with the support of the Poetry Machine / Kangasharju

      • Valokuvan periaate / Nikrus

      • User-Centered Design of Virtual Bicycle Learning Environment and Impact on Children Bicycling Attitudes and Behavior / Vuorio

      • Development of Self-Regulatory Learning Skills and Epistemic Beliefs: Short Term Effects of an Intervention Tool and Long Term Possibilities for Meaningful Intervention Tools / Kivimäki

      • Design and development of mathematical manipulative for equation-solving concept understanding / Lehtonen D.

  • 12:30-13:30 Lunch (at own cost)

  • 13:30-16:00 Session 2

    • Group 1: Learning environments (FIN+ENG)

      • Tool of Change - Flipped Classroom as a Method for Remodelling Teaching and Learning in Higher Education / Ronkainen

      • Käyttäjämotivaatio ja oppimistyylidimensiot virtuaalisten kielenoppimisympäristöjen arviontikriteereinä / Pihkala-Posti

      • Building typology in temporary school buildings - Development possibilities in Finnish learning environments / Lehtonen S.

      • Designing and studying the role of teacher facilitation in classroom with COTS video games / Koivisto & Uusi-Mäkelä

      • Educational paths from upper secondary school to university / Kunnari

    • Group 2: Technology-enhanced teaching and learning (FIN+ENG)

      • Structured Learning Diaries as Data-gathering Methods for Meaningful Learning Analytics / Pesonen

      • In-service Teachers' developmental paths in digital pedagogy / Piispa-Hakala

      • The theoretical framework for real-time collaborative online coaching pedagogy - systematic literature review (SLR) / Timonen

      • Opettajan digipedagoginen osaaminen sekä teknologian käytön mahdollistajat / Kyllönen

      • Teacher as a question-maker on collaborative design process / Stenberg

    • Group 3: Educational technology (ENG)

      • Creating activity types and approaches to guide the independent learning of academic writing skills / Rybicki

      • Computational Thinking through Graphical Programming in Primary School / Fagerlund

      • The use of VR as a potential restorative environment in school during recess OR Learning in VR: Motivation and learning outcomes from different presentation styles / Lähtevänoja

      • Higher education staff members' expectations and fears of adopting innovations / Al Dahdouh

      • Education recommendation to support youth’s vocational education and training choices / Gedrimiene

  • 16:00-17:00 End of the Consortium